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Brian Aungst

Loan Officer

NMLS: 2031470

State Lic: LO-1038828

PHONE: (928) 514-1592

Corey Seward

Corey Seward

Loan Officer

NMLS: 2137785

State Lic: LO-1026723

PHONE: (928) 247-9089 x33935

Rosa Castillo

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS# 799138

State Lic: LO-0944489

PHONE: (928)920-2831

PHONE: (928) 247-9089

Bill Craft

Sales Manager

NMLS 1621885

State Lic: LO-0942496

PHONE: (928)366-1639

PHONE: (928) 247-9089

Academy Mortgage Yuma - Robert Wright

Robert Wright

Loan Officer

NMLS# 1989817

State Lic: LO-1012538

PHONE: (928) 247-9089 X33917

PHONE: (928) 366-1637

Brenda Hurtado

Loan Officer

NMLS: 2333849

State Lic: LO-1039337

PHONE: (928) 304-3183

Derek Egeberg

Branch Manager

NMLS 180899

State Lic: AZ LO-0915245, TN 236104

PHONE: (928)246-0422

PHONE: (928) 247-9089

Ray Ochoa

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS 214114

State Lic: AZ LO-0915882, TN 238287

PHONE: (928)246-5937

PHONE: (928) 247-9089

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