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Are you wanting to renovate your home? We are dedicated to helping you understand the process, answer your questions, and find the renovation loan to match your goals.

Remodeling Construction loans can make your current home like NEW again. If you’re living in an older home that is now too small, needs repairs, remodeling, or upgrades. Guild Mortgage has loan options that can benefit you! Allowing you to have an easy option to afford the repairs and upgrades without getting a separate loan, likely at a higher interest rate. You will still have one mortgage payment. In most cases, because this is technically a refinance, you could likely end up with a lower rate, shorter term, or possibly even lower monthly payments.


The good news is, Guild Mortgage’s renovation and remodeling loans will let you do almost anything you want with your home. Some are designed specifically for smaller projects and some are versatile with no minimum loan requirements for repairs or upgrades you’d like to make but, are limited to non-structural repairs with the maximum loan amounts around $30,000.

Guild Mortgage Yuma - Renovation Loans


  • Replacing or upgrading your plumbing, electrical, heating or cooling systems
  • Insulating your home for greater energy-efficiency
  • Repairing or replacing your roof and gutters
  • Refinishing or waterproofing a basement
  • Getting new windows, doors, or floors
  • Redesigning your kitchen or bath
  • Landscaping or adding a deck
  • Buying new appliances
  • And much more

There are other types of remodeling construction loans that are specifically intended to make major repairs or changes to the home. These do have minimum loan amounts but allow you to borrow up to the value of your property, plus the repair costs. Qualifying projects include:

  • New construction, like room additions or adding a second floor
  • Major remodeling that requires structural changes
  • Foundation or other structural repairs
  • Repairs or improvements that take over six months


If you’re open to the idea of buying a fixer-upper, our renovation loans can help with that, too. They allow you to combine the purchase price of the home and the cost of repairs or upgrades into a single mortgage. That way, you don’t have to take out a second loan after the purchase, likely at a much higher interest rate. And you can start repairs immediately after closing. Additional benefits include:

  • You could buy a home in a great location at less than market price
  • Getting a bargain-priced home could allow you to move into a more expensive area
  • You may be able to afford a larger home than you imagined
  • You’ll have more choices when searching for homes and areas to live
  • You’ll live in a home customized to your exact needs and tastes


When you’re ready to start your project, there are some important steps to take to ensure you hire a contractor who will meet your standards and complete the work correctly. Below are some tips to help you choose a qualified contractor.

Check every contractor’s credentials

Use the internet to find contractors in your area with positive ratings. Ask friends,
neighbors and people you trust for recommendations.

Ask for written estimates

Get at least three from three different contractors. Make sure they’re all for the exact
same work.

Ask if they are licensed

This will mean they’ve passed a test or are certified to perform the work they do.

Use contractors who are insured and bonded

This protects you if something goes wrong during the project or if they don’t complete the work.

Ask to see their work and referrals

Request to see some their past or current work, and to interview their customers.

Chose contractors who specialize

Contractors and subcontractors who say they can “do it all” might not be as good as someone who’s a skilled expert in a particular area.

Pay attention to their attitude and professionalism

Don’t hire anyone who refuses to answer any of the above questions or doesn’t meet the above conditions. Legitimate, reputable contractors will be happy to provide all this information.

Guild Mortgage Yuma

Whether the home you own or want to buy needs major repairs like a new roof or foundation repairs or smaller cosmetic changes like a kitchen update, new floors or a fresh coat of paint, Guild Mortgage is dedicated to helping you with your Construction loan!

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